Knowing the amount of milk consumed by the baby is a psychological, sometimes a clinical necessity. The uncertainty involved in breastfeeding was found to be the major trigger for moving to formulas and for nursing cessation. “RUMINA” was designed for simple operation by the new mom. The design took in consideration the alarming affect that the user can experience by placing a barrier between the breast and the mother and therefore was designed using “soft” and chubby lines. By using EPDM over-mold, a tactile soft sensation was achieved and created the buttons in the process. At the back of the device are two over-molded pads for the mother’s comfort. The device’s technology is highly sophisticated – the company patented probe that is immersed inside the silicon nipple shield delivers real time data to the monitor and can be synchronized with the user home pc for keeping track of the baby’s nutrition. The device can be attached to a neck strap or on the breastfeeding bruiser.






This project was done during work for Intovision – Product Development&Design

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