“Vasa” is an up and coming startup company that developed a new technology for measuring pulsating low flow rates of fluids excreted and secreted from the body. The urine flow meter is a device designed for the hospital environment. Researchers came up with the insight that the patient urine is a key indicator for his current and future condition. Based on the patent-pending probe technology.

The project dealt with the need to deliver the data in a real time, clear way to the medical staff. The Device is able to display the life saving data on screen (with multiple data choices and the ability to save data for a very long period of time that indicates the patient condition) or by Wi-Fi directly to the nurses’ station. The device has been design to stand in an ip55 standard by using over molding of EPDM to create an integrated o-ring and the control interface. Dealing with portability issues, a cradle was created for those times when the patient needs to leave his bed.






This project was done during work for Intovision – Product Development&Design

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