The upper platform of the table is assembled from three types of dishes made of ceramics. By multiplying two of them, they form a circular platform. The concept at the heart of the project is the fact that the tabletop is a part of the table set.

By combining the table set with the tabletop a new situation appears – the table offers the people to eat directly from it. The table is divided to individual dishes, side dishes and a center dish for the main course. The ceramic design quotes some elements from the conventional tablecloth and uses them to make the lifting elements in the dishes. At the end of the meal, you simply put the table in the dish washer. The wooden construction is made of white maple and plays the part of the supporting actor to the ceramic dishes as a platform for more designs to different needs such as desserts or soups.

The time we live in is characterized in massive technological breakthroughs, because or maybe despite of that we can recognize the comeback towards the craftsmanship and basic materials and methods, which give us a more intimate and calmer feeling in the household environment.


Self commissioned




Photo credit – Sasha Flit

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