Skin Vision

In recent years, total body mapping has become a gold standard procedure for monitoring high risk patients with a personal or familial history of melanoma or dysplastic nevi syndrome. Imaging and mole tracking has proved to be the most reliable and simple way to detect new moles and mole changes. Standard imaging tools such as periodic side-by-side comparison of baseline and follow-up photos ease the process and drastically shorten analysis time. Orscan’s initial Skin-Vision system & software is designed for mole mapping to provide early detection of melanoma.

Orscan’s Skin-Vision is the comprehensive solution for tracking skin changes over time. It facilitates total body photography by offering a standardized and fast image acquisition procedure as well as user-friendly documentation capabilities of the entire skin surface from head to toe. Orscan’s product line is versatile and suitable for different industries such as the medical and cosmetics industry.

This product is one of three highly advanced mapping systems that were designed for fast, cost effective and versatile production. By using most of the same parts in the company’s products, we were able to substantially reduce production costs.


Orscan Technologies




This project was done during work for Intovision – Product Development&Design

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