Phoebus – Showroom

Phoebus Energy is a leading cleantech company specializing in water heating and cooling in medium to large commercial facilities. The company has developed an award winning, patented, energy-saving system that efficiently utilizes the temperature differential between incoming and outgoing water used in existing boilers and chillers – boosting overall operational performance while reducing energy expenses and carbon footprint.

Phoebus came to FIT with a desire to design a showroom for their machine room following the design guidelines we already established while designing the HYDRA BALANCE.

Our basic strategy was to not interfere too much with the simple fact – this is still a machine room. Then we decided that every site where the machines are installed would become a showroom. By using simple precise elements that corresponded with the machine design and the impact the pipes choreography already had. We designed custom icons that showed the water flow directions, brushed stainless steel sign that looked like they are burning and custom lighting elements that used the existing industrial light fixtures.






This project was done during work at FIT R&D

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