Pavilion at Global Comfort Technology, Fieramilano Italy

Phoebus Energy is a leading cleantech company specializing in water heating and cooling in medium to large commercial facilities. The company has developed an award winning, patented, energy-saving system that efficiently utilizes the temperature differential between incoming and outgoing water used in existing boilers and chillers – boosting overall operational performance while reducing energy expenses and carbon footprint.

When Phoebus energy had the opportunity to showcase at the Global Comfort Technology, Fieramilano Italy, alongside other industry giants, they came to FIT for their boot design. The brief was to convey the company’s values, strength and essence.

We started with a space program and defining the “ingredients” – formal meeting area, an area for displaying the highly advanced cloud based management system, an “impact” area, storage, etc. After characterizing each and every need, we then created the concept – to always be true to your self-approach and we decided to bring that concept to life by creating a machine room. Clean and hi-tech, but with the exact same choreography and D.N.A one can find in any PHOEBUS machine room across the globe.






Research, Product Strategy, Concept, UX, Shaping, Mechanical development,
Plastic Design, Production File

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