Phoebus Energy is a leading cleantech company specializing in water heating and cooling in medium to large commercial facilities. The company has developed an award winning, patented, energy-saving system that efficiently utilizes the temperature differential between incoming and outgoing water used in existing boilers and chillers – boosting overall operational performance while reducing energy expenses and carbon footprint.

Phoebus came to FIT with a specific need to align their 50Kw machine, the largest of their models, with the HYDRA BALANCE design language. Phoebus already had an enclosure design ready and needed to modify it with the right twist.

The biggest task was to create an element that would have maximum impact, under a strict budget and without any interference to the machine operation. We chose to use certain lines that exist in the HYDRA BALANCE machine, as well as the orange LED to convey the process taking place inside the machine and double as an indication for the machine operation. Using materials such as brushed aluminum combined with laser cutouts, upgraded the machine appeal.






Research, Product Strategy, Concept, UX, Shaping, Mechanical development,
Plastic Design, Production File

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