Hydra – hybrid Water Heating System

Hydra is a hybrid water heating system managed by smart cloud software located in large buildings such as hospitals or hotels. The system makes use of existing heating systems, usually furnaces burning gas, diesel, oil or LPG. The Hydra integrates these systems with a heat pump farm, which transfers energy to end – users at an extremely high level of efficiency. The Hydra System gathers energy data from over 15 points in the surrounding environment and in the heating system. This data is continuously processed and transmitted, via the internet, to a specialized software. ‏These results are then continuously used by the software to determine the lowest cost method for heat production at any time.

The main element which led the design was the fact that the machine is part of a smart, high-tech system, and also to manifest the process happening inside the machine.


Phoebus Energy




This project was done during work for Intovision – Product Development&Design

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