Ceramic Holes

The name of the project was drawn from its original target – to create a method that allows the factory to create holes in the ceramic material as part of the industrial slip casting process. The process of creating holes in ceramic is done today by a special division inside the factory, where all the holes are created by the hands of craftsman’s.

The current status quo is very time consuming and counterproductive. Step by step I’ve experimented with different techniques and materials, consulting with master slip casting technicians, in order to receive the best result in minimum time. Instead of wasting precious time, the inserts based method, takes only seconds till the product as ready for finishes and can be fully implemented in the current production process. At the end of the project I created a home and studio speaker made of porcelain using the technique in order to showcase its capabilities. The material characteristics allowed me to design the speaker a bit different. Early in the process I’ve realized that I want to stay close to the iconic shape we all imagine when we think of a speaker but with a twist. The two circles got a 3d treatment and amplified by the two hundred holes drilled to the body causing the speaker grill to be a part of the body.


Self commissioned




Ceramic innovation

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