Airway Medix – closed suction system

During mechanical ventilation of a patient, secretions accumulate in the arti¬ficial airway occluding the tube and resulting in an increased respiratory work load. In addition, the formation of microbial bio¬film inside the tube likely acts as a reservoir of pathogens causing recurrent infections. In order to maintain the patent state of the tube, frequent cleaning is necessary and this is currently accomplished using traditional closed suction systems. These systems employ a passive catheter that cannot efficiently clear biofi¬lm sticking to the tube walls or remove thick secretions. The Airway Medix closed suction system employs a unique cleaning mechanism comprising of simultaneous operation of fluid jets, suction and balloon wiping, maintaining a clear and clean airway during the entire period of mechanical ventilation.

The main challenge was to create a simple operating configuration for the nurses who needs to keep the patients well being on a daily base. By observation on existing products handling, I designed a mechanism that ensures a simple, one hand, operation. In the process, issues like water leakage and regularity were taken in consideration and helped to resolve many aspects of the product.


Biovo Technologies




This project was done during work for Intovision – Product Development&Design

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